Shipping Costs

up to a weight of 3kg €30.00
up to a weight of 500g €8.00
up to a weight of 1kg €11.50
up to a weight of 1.5kg €18.00
up to a weight of 2kg €19.50
Each additional kg costs €5.00

Shipping is free if you order for more than €250.00

We calculate these weights
except where stated otherwise

Packaging (heavy duty) 230g
Other 300g
Spray Can 500g
Marker 500g
CD 100g
Mini CD 100g
LaserDisk 300g
Video 320g
Magazine 300g
Book 500g
5" Vinyl Single 65g
Flexi Disc 50g
10" Vinyl EP 180g
8" Vinyl 180g
3" CD 100g
LP (Vinyl) 250g
7" Single (Vinyl) 65g
Mini LP (Vinyl) 265g
12" Maxi Single (Vinyl) 250g
Tape 100g
DVD 100g
Blu-ray Disc 100g