La Base: Spanish Connection, 12" Maxi Single (Vinyl)
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La Base
Spanish Connection
  • 12" Maxi Single (Vinyl)
  • Germany
limitierte Auflage von 300 Stück
  • (VinDig227)
  • 8 Tracks
  • EAN 4260432751024
  • EX / EX+
  • used
  • minor surface marks on vinyl



Spanish Connection


Spanish Connection (Instrumental)


On est al


On est al (Instrumental)


Spanish Connection (George Fields Remix)


Spanish Connection (George Fields Remix - Instrumental)


Esto es Real


Esto es Real (Instrumental)


  • b.rdy
Mastered by
  • Eric Roldan
  • George Fields
  • Marcos Padron
  • Tru Comers
  • Dj Full Fx
Written by
  • La Base
  • M Padrum
  • Residentes
  • Ri-k


Forever Pavot: La Pantoufle
Forever Pavot
La Pantoufle
LP (Vinyl)
We used to know Émile Sornin as the son, the pupil, who saw fathers of his among the pioneers of baroque, progressive and psychedelic pop; who found big brothers by heart and aesthetics in Aquaserge; the (nearly) solitary creator of the “fine retro-maniac piece of work” (The Drone), Rhapsode, in 2014. After experiences in metal, garage, hip hop, he had spent a lot of time exploring, mixing together, digging, getting to the roots with the seriousness of a young man on a quest for territories to occupy. An insatiable jack-of-all-trades, he directed delirious videos for Dizzee Rascal or Disclosure when he wasn’t combing the countryside to discover new instruments (the movie Le Bon Coin Forever). Here is Émile Sornin the (new) father, the dubbed artist, the one-man-studio fully aware of his essential influences (French 70s movie soundtracks – Philippe Sarde, François De Roubaix, Francis Lai – rather than Italian giallo soundtracks, synth pioneers such as Wendy Carlos or Mort Garson, library music à la Camille Sauvage, Claude Vasori and Roger Roger); the captain of a dense, tight live band. The man called by producer Sebastian to the bedside of – scoop – Charlotte Gainsbourg’s next album. The man who just gave birth to La Pantoufle. From shore to shore, Émile Sornin incorporated into his music the humor and self-mockery he didn’t dare to embrace in the past.