Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars: Jazz Invention (40th Anniversary Reunion Concert), Tape
Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars: Jazz Invention (40th Anniversary Reunion Concert), Tape
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Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars
Jazz Invention (40th Anniversary Reunion Concert)

  • Compact Cassette
  • United States
  • Contemporary Records
  • (5C-14051)
  • 8 Tracks
  • UPC 025218145145
  • M / M
  • virgin
  • sealed



Jazz Invention

Written By

Bernie's Tune

Written By

Lover Man

Written By

Woody'n You

Written By

Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise

Written By

That Old Feeling

Written By


Written By

Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You

Written By


Acoustic Bass
  • Monty Budwig
Alto Saxophone
  • Bud Shank
Arranged By
  • Bob Cooper
Art Direction
  • Phil Carroll
  • Jamie Putnam
  • John Guerin
Edited By
  • Bill Lightner
  • John Eargle
  • Erik Blank
Liner Notes
  • Ken Poston
  • Sleepy Stein
Mastered By
  • George Horn
Photography By
  • William Claxton
  • Claude Williamson
  • Ralph Jungheim
  • Ken Poston
Tenor Saxophone
  • Bob Cooper
  • Bob Cooper
  • Conte Candoli
Valve Trombone
  • Bob Enevoldsen


Various: Mobilisation Générale
Mobilisation Générale
Brigitte Fontaine
The Art Ensemble Of Chicago
François Tusques
Alfred Panou
Areski Belkacem
und 11 weitere ...
2×LP (Vinyl)
1968. France, Incorporated. The entire building was being consumed by flames and was slowly collapsing. Nothing would survive. Out of the rubble of the old world jumped the children of Marx and Coca-Cola, ripping the white and blue stripes off the French flag. Yet, the socialist revolution was more mythic than real and music did nothing to mitigate people's behavior. It was time for innovation. While singles from the Stones, Who, Kinks and MC5 provided an incendiary soundtrack for the revolution, it was Black Americans who truly blew the world from its foundations in the 60s. Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor, Eric Dolphy, Albert Ayler and Archie Shepp left behind the jazz of their fathers' generation, liberating the notes, trashing the structures, diving headfirst into furious improvisations, inventing a new land without boundaries – neither spiritual nor political. Free jazz endowed the saxophone with the power to destroy the established order. In 1969, the Art Ensemble of Chicago arrived at the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier in Paris and a new fuse was lit. Their multi-instrumentalism made use of a varied multiplicity of "little instruments" (including bicycle bells, wind chimes, steel drums, vibraphone and djembe: they left no stone unturned), which they employed according to their inspirations.
Effi Duke & The Love Family: Mr. Love
Effi Duke & The Love Family
Mr. Love
LP (Vinyl)
reissue of 1980 Nigerian Jazz-Funk/Afrobeat album: Nigeria had a unique music scene which began spreading rapidly in the 1970s. The era was based on unspoiled use of fuzz pedal, keyboards and indisputable influences of the Psychedelic Blues bands of the West. In 1980 Effi Duke & The Love Family came out with their debut Mr. Love. It was released by Homzy Records which was a home of many Afro-Funk records, going strong from mid '70s toward '80s. Effi Duke & The Love Family being one of their most energetic albums. The '80s were definitely more into a jazzy sound with disco slowly infiltrating the African music scene. What's so unique about Mr. Love is Effi Duke's love for guitar based Jazz and together with African rhythms and funky bass, his album is a Funk/Jazz/Disco hybrid. He's an incredible guitarist and also at the time of this LP an ex-Wings member. They were one of the most popular bands from Nigeria. Effi Duke was a key part of the scene with being member of The Wings, The Visitors, The Apostles, he played also the guitars on Mary Afi Usuah's fantastic second LP African Woman (which will be also rereleased on PMG) and on many other great albums including the incredible Folk 77 album.