The Stilettos: 12 Cuts, 1×LP (Vinyl)
The Stilettos: 12 Cuts, 1×LP (Vinyl)
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The Stilettos
12 Cuts
    • 1×LP (Vinyl)
    • Germany
    • Sounds Of Subterrania
    • (SoS 032)
  • 12 Tracks
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  • heavy item (300g)
    • EX+ / EX+
    • virgin
    • new and unplayed but not sealed
The Stilettos are a Utrecht based 3-piece band consisting of lead singer Ned Harris, drummer RockstarBarry and guitar swinger extraordinaire Drs. Hook. They paid their dues, learned to play the blues and put on their rockin' shoes.The Stilettos share a passion for fucked up, noisy as hell punk rock 'n' roll. They're loud, fast, raw, and eager to raise hell and still manage to maintain that overall make-you-feel-good sentiment. It's groovy, high-energy garage rock 'n' roll. RockstarBarry: ''we love to play and one-day this planet and its crazy shenanigans will come to a stop. The Stilettos want to be on the soundtrack to the next Big Bang, after which people will be dancing again. Savagely, around huge campfires, beating homemade drums with human bones, screaming for what they need and not what they want...'' Up Yours' Magazine from Belgium called them: ''way more threatening and horrifying than hundreds of sleeping Al Quajda terrorist cells.'' But they're nice guys with girlfriends, who love their parents. They come out like the mutated baby of a menage à trois between The Ramones, The Pagans and The Rolling Stones, born and bred on a steady diet of beer, marihuana and love gone bad...



Bleed Me




Doing Time


(You Make It) Look So Easy


Going Down


No Good


Good Time Blues


Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah


Rock Bitch


Televise It Too


Miss You


Abuse You Like A Dog