Treeberrys: Talkin' About Treeberrys, LP (Vinyl)
Treeberrys: Talkin' About Treeberrys, LP (Vinyl)
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Treeberrys : Talkin' About Treeberrys

  • LP (Vinyl)
  • Germany
Japanese Power Pop / Beat / Garage Rock
  • Sounds Of Subterrania
  • (SoS 022)
  • 12 Tracks
  • no barcode
  • M- / M-
  • virgin
  • unplayed, but not sealed



Turnin‘ Around

Written By

Sha-ra-ra Randez Vous

Written By


Written By

Bad Times Roll

Written By

Never Can Say Goodbye

Written By

Beat Collector

Written By

Waiting For My Girlfriend

Written By

Work Out Fine

Written By

Listen My Girl

Written By

Change Your Mind

Written By

When You Let Me In

Written By

Canadian Fever

Written By


  • Hiroaki Watarai
  • Keiko Iwase
  • Hiroaki Watarai
  • Tatsuya Inagaki
  • Hiroaki Watarai
  • Hiroaki Watarai
  • Tatsuya Inagaki


Freddy Fischer And His Cosmic Rocktime Band: Dreimal Um Die Sonne
Freddy Fischer And His Cosmic Rocktime Band : Dreimal Um Die Sonne
Who isn‘t familiar with Freddy Fischer and his Cosmic Rocktime Band, might need some words of introduction and guidance. Well, you hear Jazzrock which gets dragged on the dance-floor straightaway. You hear Disco. You hear that kind of casual elegance that you can also find in Manfred Krug’s songs of the seventies, when he presented the GDR with some Swing – at least for a brief moment. You just got to put all that into a fancy smoking and you have Freddy Fischer standing there. But unfortunately the recipe is not that easy. Otherwise you would hear such a snappy music on virtually every street corner with a whole choir of Fischer look- and soundalikes, not just the one Freddy. Anyway, the music has a certain groove. On the new record Freddy grinds the organ with such passion that Keith Emerson could only sorely look away. And Brian Auger would approvingly raise his eyebrows because he heard that he couldn’t teach Freddy how to get better on the keys. And the music is tight – Soul and mirror ball. The music glitters and plays – unlike Keith Emerson – only as much notes as needed to get the people on the dance floor. And then Freddy Fischer sings about love all the time and you got to have the courage to write a line like “Du bist meine Liebe, und ich lieb’ dich so” (“You’re my love and I love you so”). But Fischer just does it. You may want to call it Jazzrockdisco but it’s like the movies of the uncommunicative Finn Aki Kaurismäki: he’s the only one who could make such a movie; sentimental, warm and true. When someone else would try to do it, it would only be sentimental and become kitsch. But this comparison possibly is too far-reached and Freddy Fischer’s songs don’t want to be larger than they are. Because all of this can be – and with good reason – the plague: Jazzrock, Schlager and even Disco when it ruffles its feathers, becomes touchy-feely and pretentious. But this has got to be Freddy Fischer’s secret. And at the next show with him and his Cosmic Rocktime Band you’ll sing along to “Du bist meine Liebe, und ich lieb’ dich so”. It’s simply good, entertaining music from Berlin.
LP (Vinyl)
Dream Boogie: Sorry To Disappoint All Music Lovers
Dream Boogie : Sorry To Disappoint All Music Lovers
It's always fascinating to see what great pop songs can hide in the garb of garagepunk. Dream Boogie, with their singalong-garage-pop-punk-powerpop simply manage that. After two seconds your first leg starts moving, after three and a half second the other leg is moving and after five seconds you’ll find yourself dancing in your room or optionally at the headphone station of the preferred record store. You can call it magic what this foursome Gothenburg based band is doing or just be delighted to be talking about all those little pearls that lays between the pop of M.O.T.O. to the sunshine psychedelic of The Black Lips. All this hides on their debut album and you’ll not get bored even when you’ve flipped the record for the hundredth time on the turntable. I would say "Sorry to disappoint all music lovers" saves every party. So now, go back to your system and turn the music up, even louder this time.
LP (Vinyl)
Lubomyr Melnyk: Illirion
Lubomyr Melnyk : Illirion
Lubomyr Melnyk is a Ukrainian pianist and composer. Through his pioneering work in the 1970’s, he developed the technique of “Continuous Music” for piano, and with it a stunning new language for the instrument, based on its actual sound. By way of this new technique, he set several world- records on the piano, notably in Sweden in 1985 where he was recorded playing at over 19.5 notes per second – a speed that has never yet been matched, making him the fastest pianist in the world. Since the mid-1970’s, he has performed concerts with his music world-wide as well as radio recordings. Most of his works are for piano solo and duo, although there exist several works for orchestra and various ensembles. While his revolutionary piano playing was mostly ignored by the classical institutions in its early years, his music is gaining an ever-wider international awareness. This album features five recent works, that display the beauty and magic and virtuosity of his playing.
2×LP (Vinyl)
Human Abfall: Tanztee Von Unten
Human Abfall : Tanztee Von Unten
Human Abfall bestehen seit Herbst 2011 aus Menschen, die an unwirtlichen Orten wie Stuttgart und Berlin leben müssen – den Städten der Verachteten, wo wirklich niemand auch nur mal für eine halbe Stunde tot über dem Nachbarszaun hängen möchte. Trotz oder gerade wegen des unumstößlichen Molochs ihres Lebensraumes sind alle Augen und das Interesse der Öffentlichkeit auf die zurzeit, sagen wir, eigenständigste Punkband des Erdballs gerichtet. Das anziehende Soundgerüst besteht aus einem noisigen Gitarrensound mit knarzigen, dem Wave zugewandten Bassläufen und einem zielsetzend, minimalistisch scheppernden Schlagzeugbeat. Die Musik der Gruppe Human Abfall äußert sich in technikschwerem Rhythmus und ist mehr dystopische Stimmungsmalerei als einfach nur eindringliche Melodie. In den Texten werden Gefühle, Alltagsgegenstände, Zustände widergespiegelt und auf ein eindringliches Minimum reduziert. Keine Betroffenheit - denn über dieses Stadium sind Human Abfall längst schon hinaus. Der Sänger mit verirrt finsterer Miene verpackt den sperrigen Postpunk (nicht unähnlich Grauzone oder Campingsex) in Früh-80er-Deutschpunk (à la Mittagspause und S.Y.P.H.) mit verbraucht doppelbödigen Texten und schafft es trotz wutentbrannten, manisch wiederholten Dada-Parolen stets, dem Hörer eigene Bezüge zu persönlichen Realitäten zu entlocken. Individuen abstoßende, kafkaeske Erzählart verwoben mit den existenzialistischen Wirren des modernen Lebens in der Kampfzone des digitalen Kapitalismus wird wieder und wieder auf das Wesentliche verknappt. Von Stück zu Stück der Schallplatte entsteht der klaustrophobische Eindruck, ein Kurt Schwitters habe seine Schere an den literarischen Werken Jean-Paul Sartres, Simone de Beauvoirs, Albert Camus’ und Gabriel Marcels angesetzt, um die Collage der immer wiederkehrenden Textbausteine mit Hammer und Nagel dem Zeitgeist anzuheften. Eine ganz eigene Erzählart entsteht, weder literarisch noch musikalisch – mehr wie Armdrücken gegen die Wand. Man spürt die Stadt, den Beton, den Dreck. Man spürt den Teil der Gesellschaft über den niemand gerne redet. Vielleicht könnte man verkürzt sagen: Was Dürrenmatt für die Literatur, sind Human Abfall für die Musik.
LP (Vinyl)
Regal (3): Two Cycles And A Little More
Regal : Two Cycles And A Little More
Regal is probably the only french garage band whose members met on World of Warcraft. Very quickly confronted to their own limits of skill on banjo, Xavier (drummer from “The Last Rapes” and “Le Pécheur”) and Caelan (Toulousain and New Zealander) put their folk aspirations aside and called upon Maxime to play bass guitar. The trio asked Antoine Marchalot, the “living good of comical comic strips” still unknown at the time. His sense of humor,equal to his sense of rhythm -personal and unexpected- doesn’t stop the band from organizing several tours in Europe and release two albums, “Possible Endings” in 2012 (Frantic City/Azbin) and “Misery, Redemption & Love” (Azbin) in 2013 (Azbin Records being the label that Xavier erected in 2011). It is during the end of the year’s festivities that Maxime retires from Regal and from his bass amp to pursue other passions: the observation of the cosmos. The band then turns to Fadi, a Syro-Lillois metallurgist often present in “La Barrière”, thick and aging building in the ghost town of Chercq (Belgium) where Xavier and Caelan live.After a tour of 30 gigs in 31 days in May, Caelan and Xavier go back to the studio to record the band’s 3rd album
LP (Vinyl)
I Fenomeni: Un Vuoto Appeso
I Fenomeni : Un Vuoto Appeso
2nd pressing of Italian Psych album, limited edition of 500 copies, originally released 2013: Here we go and check some rather fresh band : I FENOMENI, formed in 2010 in Italy with the intention to create the dirtiest and most fuzzed out garage beat ever. Dirty guitar sounds and cheesy Farfisa organ lines on a solid and straightly pushing rhythmical substraction with some melodic vocals sung in Italian language are the ingredients of a joy – and colorful record that feels like a lost gem from not later than 1967. Nobody could tell this was first released in 2013 and reissued right now. Sound, interplay, melodies and spirit speak of smoky clubs with swirls of colors ornamenting the walls and acid drenched drinks being served by topless waitresses in short skirts. You find yourself back in the mid sixties when it all began and the music here brings to mind tons of popular acts from that era. Starting with the early BYRDS, moving along to the US underground heroes such as THE SEEDS, THE STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK, THE THIRD BARDO or the later ANIMALS and psyched out JEFFERSON AIRPLANE stuff. If you look for innovations, please stop reading and grab some modern progressive rock for your own joy but if you want to be swallowed into a tunnel of sounds and colors where you can trip easy and free, this is yours. Despite the rather short length of these acid garage beat tunes you will leave what people call reality for a while. Everything here just grabs my soul and melts it away. Memorable melodies, moody riffs and those simmering fuzzed out lead guitars get me lose my senses. This is definitely addictive stuff. If you are a fan of current acid rock like BABY WOODROSE you will not only dig but definitely worship I FENOMENI. The language is rather not important in this context as the voice alone is commanding and you understand the message without understanding the language. Beautiful and haunting. A must have for all psyche and garage freaks.
LP (Vinyl)