Mighty Flames: Metalik Funk Band, LP (Vinyl)
Mighty Flames: Metalik Funk Band, LP (Vinyl)
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Mighty Flames
Metalik Funk Band
    • LP (Vinyl)
    • Austria
    • PMG (3)
    • (PMG048LP)
  • 7 Tracks
  • UPC 710473190589
    • M / M
    • virgin
    • sealed
reissue of 1978 Nigerian Funk/Afrobeat/Boogie album: The Mighty Flames were a crack bunch of Cameroonian musicians, drawn to Nigeria by the heavy funk sounds booming across the border like musical moths. For a short time in the late sentries they ‘owned’ Port Harcourt, destroying dancefloors with an incendiary sound that burned so heavily that it was phosphorescent. Metalik Funk Band is the band at their most deadly. Willy ‘Pazz’ Nfor is on bass, Nfrackie ‘Jazz’ Song on synth, Didi Lead on lead guitar, Emma ‘Wah Wah’ Baloka on rhythm and Stormy ‘Booga’ Jimmy on percussion. There is not a single dud track. ‘Music Is The Answer’ is a psychedelic head spin. ‘Funky Child’ is an irresistible call to the dancefloor. And I guarantee you’ll need a good lie down after listening to ‘Search Out! Watch Out!’. Sadly, things did not end well for the Mighty Flames. Their manager was a tyrant and when they tried to escape to Lagos with all the band’s gear he promptly had then arrested. Metallik Funk Band was their last album, but what a way to go out: with an incendiary batch of Afro Funk monsters that need to be in every funk lover’s collection.



Music Is The Answer


Let's Work Together


Search Out! Watch Out!


Road Man (Mystic)


Funky Child


Loving To Sing For You


Lover Man's Bullet