Mass Genocide Process: Poetry Of The Damned, 12" Maxi Single (Vinyl)
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Mass Genocide Process
Poetry Of The Damned

  • 12" Maxi Single (Vinyl)
  • Czech Republic
gatefold sleeve, limited edition of 525 copies on grey vinyl, includes download card, Crust from the Czech Republic
  • Bombs Away Records
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  • Totalitarianism Still Continues
  • (012)
  • Svoboda Records
  • (SVOBLP026)
  • Miruus Levyt
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  • Forced Expression Records
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  • Waking The Dead Records
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  • 8 Tracks
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  • still sealed



Temple Of Mist


Poetry Of The Damned


Genocide Angels


World Of Contrast


Cespool Of Depression


Silence Of Eternity


My New Time


At The End Of The Road


  • Jakub
  • Jakub
  • Roman "Massgenocide"
  • Bohdan "Massgenocide"
  • Karel
  • Roman "Massgenocide"


Various: Bingo! French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981
Bingo! French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981
Too Much
Gérard Depardieu
Pierre Lasne
Soda Fraise
und 9 weitere ...
LP (Vinyl)
The real, great rock 'n' roll swindle? Don't look for it in the Pistols, well, in Mac Laren' movie The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle... you'd better search Belgium, and more specifically somewhere near Lou Deprijck and Yvan Lacomblez, two born-and-bred “Brusselians[1] ”. If their names don't ring a bell at first glance, you've most likely already wiggled to the interplanetary hit which brought them fortune (in every way): “Ça plane pour moi”! Oh yeah, France already had Antoine's “Élucubrations”, a mildly transgressive hit in its own way... and an unprecedented landslide in Gallic memory. But this time, another category was tackled! “Ca plane pour moi”? A moronic song by a crappy singer... The prank swept through the world and within a few months, no less than one million 45s were sold just in France. And the incredible part is that it was to spawn a mass-produced bunch of cover versions, finally becoming – how ironic – a universal punk anthem: think what you will, it IS the hold-up of the century! Of course, such a cash cow would arouse envy and create quite a few vocations among our fellow countrymen. The song's trademark derision was finally about to bridge the missing link between original punk – too violent, too dirty – and the general public eager to enjoy a little Saturday-night pogo.