The Squires: Going All The Way With The Squires!, LP (Vinyl)
The Squires: Going All The Way With The Squires!, LP (Vinyl)
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The Squires : Going All The Way With The Squires!

  • LP (Vinyl)
  • Germany
  • Crypt Records
  • (CRYPT LP 008)
  • 11 Tracks
  • EAN 4016022100082
  • EX / EX-
  • used
  • edge wear / shelf wear and bent corner on cover



The Squires Going All The Way


The Rogues It's The Same All Over The World


The Rogues Oh No!

Written By

The Squires I Can Do It


The Squires Gloria

Written By

The Squires The Original


The Squires Go Ahead


The Squires We Can Try


The Squires Walkin'


The Squires Rink Bash


The Squires It's The Same All Over The World


Backing Vocals
  • Jim Lynch
  • Tom Flanigan
Rhythm Guitar
  • Jim Lynch
  • Michael Bouyea
Bass Guitar
  • John Folcik
Lead Guitar
  • Tom Flanigan
Lead Vocals
  • Michael Bouyea
  • Michael Bouyea
  • Kurt Robinson
  • Tom Zagryn
Written By


Dream Boogie: Sorry To Disappoint All Music Lovers
Dream Boogie : Sorry To Disappoint All Music Lovers
It's always fascinating to see what great pop songs can hide in the garb of garagepunk. Dream Boogie, with their singalong-garage-pop-punk-powerpop simply manage that. After two seconds your first leg starts moving, after three and a half second the other leg is moving and after five seconds you’ll find yourself dancing in your room or optionally at the headphone station of the preferred record store. You can call it magic what this foursome Gothenburg based band is doing or just be delighted to be talking about all those little pearls that lays between the pop of M.O.T.O. to the sunshine psychedelic of The Black Lips. All this hides on their debut album and you’ll not get bored even when you’ve flipped the record for the hundredth time on the turntable. I would say "Sorry to disappoint all music lovers" saves every party. So now, go back to your system and turn the music up, even louder this time.
LP (Vinyl)
Regal (3): Two Cycles And A Little More
Regal : Two Cycles And A Little More
Regal is probably the only french garage band whose members met on World of Warcraft. Very quickly confronted to their own limits of skill on banjo, Xavier (drummer from “The Last Rapes” and “Le Pécheur”) and Caelan (Toulousain and New Zealander) put their folk aspirations aside and called upon Maxime to play bass guitar. The trio asked Antoine Marchalot, the “living good of comical comic strips” still unknown at the time. His sense of humor,equal to his sense of rhythm -personal and unexpected- doesn’t stop the band from organizing several tours in Europe and release two albums, “Possible Endings” in 2012 (Frantic City/Azbin) and “Misery, Redemption & Love” (Azbin) in 2013 (Azbin Records being the label that Xavier erected in 2011). It is during the end of the year’s festivities that Maxime retires from Regal and from his bass amp to pursue other passions: the observation of the cosmos. The band then turns to Fadi, a Syro-Lillois metallurgist often present in “La Barrière”, thick and aging building in the ghost town of Chercq (Belgium) where Xavier and Caelan live.After a tour of 30 gigs in 31 days in May, Caelan and Xavier go back to the studio to record the band’s 3rd album
LP (Vinyl)