The Big Swamp: Come Over Come Home, CD
The Big Swamp: Come Over Come Home, CD
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The Big Swamp : Come Over Come Home

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Win And Go


Back Home




Dying On My Own


Come Over Come Home



The Big Swamp: The Big Swamp
The Big Swamp : The Big Swamp
Der Südosten der Vereinigten Staaten. Wiege des Blues. Man trägt Trucker Hats, karierte Flanellhemden und verschlissene Boots mit Stolz, die moskitogeschwängerte Luft flirrt. Genau diese Luft atmet The Big Swamp. Slide-Gitarre, Blues-Harp, Bass schaffen einen unverwechselbaren Stil. Delta Blues. Southern Rock. Swamp Rock. Erdig, pulsierend, ursprünglich. Ehrlich und authentisch. Die erste The Big Swamp-Vinylveröffentlichung enthält neben sieben Songs der bisherigen CD-Releases das exklusiv für diese Scheibe eingespielte "If Boogie Is A Sin, You Gotta Sell Your Soul" – eine weitere charakterstarke Komposition der Band. Die LP wurde in Top-Qualität von Pallas gepresst und kommt in einem aufwendigen und liebevoll gestalteten dicken Klappcover. Der Mastering-Feinschliff für das Vinyl wurde der „The Big Swamp“-Compilation in Nashville, Tennessee, verpasst. Die Hildesheimer Band hat seit 2014 drei CDs herausgebracht, die Vinyl-Compilation ist die vierte Veröffentlichung des hannoverschen Labels und Plattenladens Rockers Records. Für Freunde von: Shawn James, Foghat, R.L. Burnside, Jack White, Wucan, Siena Root oder Blackberry Smoke. Stats: 2.500+ Fans auf Facebook, 6.000+ Klicks auf Soundcloud, 14.000+ Klicks auf Youtube für „River Mud“ Anhören:
LP (Vinyl)
Lonely Walk: Teen
Lonely Walk : Teen
In the beginning, Lonely Walk was a post-apocalyptic and personal digression created by Mickael Appollinaire, AKA Monsieur Crane, being also a dark preacher in the band Strasbourg. The record label Satanic Royalty released V.I.H.S., Lonely Walk's first LP in stores in 2013, which was well received by the critics. Then followed the NGHTMR EP, then a more personal album called BORE in 2014. All these secluded compositions came on stage radically changed with the addition of a 5-piece live band, which counted Alice from JC Satàn on the bass guitar and Johan Gustafsson from Black Bug in its ranks. The label BORN BAD RECORDS will release the album TEEN at the end of 2015, Lonely Walk's first album recorded with the live band in the studio Mikrokosm in Lyon, France. What can we hear on this record ? Eleven dark and addictive songs. A hypnotic post-punk slumming it with pop and making a few psychedelic stops, led by an obsessive singing with catchy slogans.Happy innocent children shout because school's out (Burial Tomb), the epic violin of Tamara Goukassova shreds the toxic atmosphere (War, Black Dragonfish). To cut a long story short, Lonely Walk takes us right to Doomsday, but not the one we dread. The one we crave for, eyes wide open and dilated pupils, drinking a nice and cheap cocktail of liquid nitrogen. One can think of Clinic, Soft Moon or A-Frames, but you must look towards Australia to find cousins to Lonely Walk, with bands like Eddy Current Suppression Ring or Total Control.
LP (Vinyl)