Various: Back From The Grave Volume 3, LP (Vinyl)
Various: Back From The Grave Volume 3, LP (Vinyl)
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Back From The Grave Volume 3
Ken And The Fourth Dimension
Little Willie And The Adolescents
Me And Them Guys
und 12 weitere ...
  • LP (Vinyl)
  • United States
Neuauflage, Klappcover
  • Crypt Records
  • (CRYPT LP-003)
  • Crypt Records
  • (CRYPT LP 001)
  • 17 Tracks
  • EAN 4016022100037
  • M / M
  • virgin



Be My Queen


Little Willie And The Adolescents
Get Out Of My Life


Ken And The Fourth Dimension
See If I Care


Me And Them Guys
I Loved Her So


I've Got Something To Say


Intruders Five
Ain't Comin' Back


The Monacles
I Can't Win


Lil' Boys Blue
I'm Not There


Jerry And The Others
Don't Cry To Me


You Can't Blame That On Me


The Raunch Hands
Tiger Guitars


William The Wild One
Willie The Wild One


Murphy And The Mob
Born Loser


The Mods
You've Got Another Think Comin'


Sir Winston And The Commons
We're Gonna Love


Royal Flairs


You Can't Make Me


Various: Wizzz! Volume 2
Wizzz! Volume 2
Brigitte Fontaine
Philippe Nicaud
Bruno Leys
Guy Skornik
und 9 weitere ...
LP (Vinyl)
Since the success of the first volume in 2002, WIZZZ has been considered the benchmark compilation of French sixties alternative pop. It launched an unprecedented craze for this rare breed of disc, featuring exceptionally danceable rhythms, twisted sounds from another world and demented lyrics, coupled with an underlying sense of mockery. It focuses on the creativity of these French artists who dared to break with the boring commercial conventions of their era. If your notion of French sixties music is based on innocuous hits from the likes of Adamo and Sheila, this new collection of rare and unreleased tracks, unearthed from the obscure depths of "Made in France" pop, will astonish you with the brilliance and daring of a few of their deranged cousins, who passed completely unnoticed in the epoch of Gainsbourg. WIZZZ 2 rediscovers and revitalizes these underground geniuses and freaks. Their audacity and inventiveness refutes those who sneer about the alleged inferiority of French pop.
The Courettes: We Are The Courettes
The Courettes
We Are The Courettes
LP (Vinyl)
"Here are The Courettes " - The first sign of life from The Courettes struck like a bomb in 2014. The first edition was sold out within a month and had to be reprinted three times, so far. Their music led the brazilian-danish duo to tour throughout Europe. Invitations to all major Sixtiespunk festivals followed. The numerous shows prove the obvious - the two are made for the stage. Naming two of their legendary shows: for once their real loud and illegal balcony show during Reeperbahn Festival (including a roadblock by the police) or on the other hand - their performance less than 24 hours after their son Lennon was born. You just cannot deny, The Courettes are a born live band. Even greater, that they have taken their time recording the second album "We are the Courettes". Together with producer Kim Kix (known for his band Powersolo) they have thrown such a big bang into the pit that you have no choice but to get your Chelsea boots out of the closet and swing your legs in style. The Courettes have redefined their musical spectrum with some sixties Girl Pop and Soul, without losing their typical dirty fuzz sound. "We are the Courettes" wades so deep in the sixties sound, that even the Brazilian horror movie legend Coffin Joe cast a few spells for this album. As if that is not enough, on 17.03. with "Voodoo Doll", the first single from the album, will be a real sensation, rather a revolution. More on that later, so keep your eyes open.