Jan Garbarek: Eventyr, LP (Vinyl)
Jan Garbarek: Eventyr, LP (Vinyl)
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Jan Garbarek / Naná Vasconcelos / John Abercrombie : Eventyr

  • LP (Vinyl)
  • Germany
  • ECM Records
  • (ECM 1200)
  • ECM Records
  • (2301 200)
  • 8 Tracks
  • no barcode
  • EX / EX
  • used
  • minor surface marks on vinyl, shelf wear on sleeve, price sticker on front sleeve



Soria Maria






Weaving A Garland

Arranged By
  • Jan Garbarek
Composed By
  • Traditional

Once Upon A Time


The Companion


Snipp, Snapp, Snute


East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon



  • Naná Vasconcelos
Talking Drum
  • Naná Vasconcelos
  • Naná Vasconcelos
  • Naná Vasconcelos
Composed By
  • Jan Garbarek
  • John Abercrombie
  • Naná Vasconcelos
  • Barbara Wojirsch
Electric Guitar
  • John Abercrombie
  • John Abercrombie
  • Jan Erik Kongshaug
Photography By
  • Frank Albiez
  • Manfred Eicher
Soprano Saxophone
  • Jan Garbarek
Tenor Saxophone
  • Jan Garbarek
  • Jan Garbarek


Effi Duke & The Love Family: Mr. Love
Effi Duke & The Love Family : Mr. Love
reissue of 1980 Nigerian Jazz-Funk/Afrobeat album: Nigeria had a unique music scene which began spreading rapidly in the 1970s. The era was based on unspoiled use of fuzz pedal, keyboards and indisputable influences of the Psychedelic Blues bands of the West. In 1980 Effi Duke & The Love Family came out with their debut Mr. Love. It was released by Homzy Records which was a home of many Afro-Funk records, going strong from mid '70s toward '80s. Effi Duke & The Love Family being one of their most energetic albums. The '80s were definitely more into a jazzy sound with disco slowly infiltrating the African music scene. What's so unique about Mr. Love is Effi Duke's love for guitar based Jazz and together with African rhythms and funky bass, his album is a Funk/Jazz/Disco hybrid. He's an incredible guitarist and also at the time of this LP an ex-Wings member. They were one of the most popular bands from Nigeria. Effi Duke was a key part of the scene with being member of The Wings, The Visitors, The Apostles, he played also the guitars on Mary Afi Usuah's fantastic second LP African Woman (which will be also rereleased on PMG) and on many other great albums including the incredible Folk 77 album.
LP (Vinyl)
Bala Miller & The Great Music Pyrameeds Of Afrika: Pyramids
Bala Miller & The Great Music Pyrameeds Of Afrika : Pyramids
reissue of 1979 Nigerian Afrobeat album: Bala Miller was famous for pushing boundaries. His first job was selling beer in the Muslim north. And as a musician he'd always try to sneak in 'local' flourishes while playing trumpet with Bobby Benson and Victor Olaiya. It was with his band, the Pirameeds, however, that he was able to realise his dream of incorporating northern tunes into mainstream highlife. Honed razor sharp from a residency at the Costain Club in Kuduna, the band recorded Pyramids, a breathtaking fusion of Hausa rhythms, jazz and funk. With its haunting trumpet line, tribal drums and imploring Hausa chants, 'Ikon Allah', the power of God, is Bala Miller vision writ large. 'Yo Gboko' is a New York-style street drama, played out on the dusty streets of Northern Nigeria. 'Opportunity Knocks' is a playful burst of ska and 'Stretch Your Nose' is a raucous James Brown fable about the dangers of lying. Bala Miller went on to become one of Nigeria's best-loved personalities. The Costain Club became a renowned meeting place for northern musicians. But his greatest legacy remain Pyramids, an opus that introduced Hausa rhythms and stories to the rest of Nigeria.
LP (Vinyl)