Cosa Nostra: World Peace, LP (Vinyl)
Cosa Nostra: World Peace, LP (Vinyl)
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Cosa Nostra
World Peace

  • LP (Vinyl)
  • Germany
  • 99 Records
  • (9028)
  • 8 Tracks
  • EAN 4013079902812
  • EX+ / EX
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The Door's Open!


Soul Communication


Say Goodnight


Peace & Happiness


Bonjour Fujiyama


I Wanna Be Free


World Peace Part 1


Living For Tomorrow


Various: Wizzz! Volume 2
Wizzz! Volume 2
Brigitte Fontaine
Philippe Nicaud
Bruno Leys
Guy Skornik
und 9 weitere ...
LP (Vinyl)
Since the success of the first volume in 2002, WIZZZ has been considered the benchmark compilation of French sixties alternative pop. It launched an unprecedented craze for this rare breed of disc, featuring exceptionally danceable rhythms, twisted sounds from another world and demented lyrics, coupled with an underlying sense of mockery. It focuses on the creativity of these French artists who dared to break with the boring commercial conventions of their era. If your notion of French sixties music is based on innocuous hits from the likes of Adamo and Sheila, this new collection of rare and unreleased tracks, unearthed from the obscure depths of "Made in France" pop, will astonish you with the brilliance and daring of a few of their deranged cousins, who passed completely unnoticed in the epoch of Gainsbourg. WIZZZ 2 rediscovers and revitalizes these underground geniuses and freaks. Their audacity and inventiveness refutes those who sneer about the alleged inferiority of French pop.