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Cryptic One: Truth: Whole Truth, Half Truths & Lies
19,90 €
  • Cryptic One
Truth: Whole Truth, Half Truths & Lies

generic cover, stickered Recorded in 2003/2004, "Truth: Whole Truth, Half Truths & Lies" is the second, previously unreleased solo album by Atoms Family leader Cryptic One. On his sophomore longplayer, Cryp took a more straight forward, less complex approach compared to his debut, although the Atoms thumbprint is omnipresent on “Truth”. The beats were handled by the man himself, while he gets lyrical support by his cohorts Windnbreeze and Alaska of Hangar 18 on one track. Originally, it was supposed to be released in 2005, but it took another 10 years to make it available in the form of 200 pieces of black virgin vinyl, covered by a generic sleeve with a sticker of the original artwork.
LP (Vinyl)
Cryptic One: The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory
24,90 €
  • Cryptic One
The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory

generic cover, stickered, double vinyl, lyrics poster included After making a little noise in the NY underground with his crews Elite Bomb Squad and Centa Of Da Web in the 90s and spitting one of the hottest verses on Can Ox' "The Cold Vein" album, Atoms Family founder Cryptic One was ready to drop his solo debut "The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory" in 2004. While the album achieved critical acclaim, the CD-only release went under the radar, thanks to poor distribution. In early 2015, Cryptic One eventually put his plans into action and pressed 200 copies of his debut longplayer on lovely black double vinyl as well as 100 copies on translucent yellow vinyl, housed with a bi-fold lyrics sheet in a sticker sleeve. Praised for Cryp’s deep lyrics and great concepts, AMST features beats by Cryp, Blockhead, Blueprint, and Jestoneart, plus additional verses by Aesop Rock and Atoms Fam members Windnbreeze and Alaska aka Hanger 18.
2×LP (Vinyl)