Hate Eternal: Upon Desolate Sands, 1×LP (Vinyl)
Hate Eternal: Upon Desolate Sands, 1×LP (Vinyl)
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Hate Eternal
Upon Desolate Sands

  • 1×LP (Vinyl)
    • LP
    • Limited Edition
    • Stereo
  • 9 Tracks
  • European Union
    • M- / M-
    • Neuware
    • new and unplayed but not sealed
third pressing of 150 copies, gatefold sleeve, featuring Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel...) and John Longstreth (Origin, Gorguts..)
Season of Mist (SOM505LP)
EAN 5051357950111


A1 The Violent Fury
A2 What Lies Beyond
A3 Vengeance Striketh
A4 Nothingness Of Being
A5 All Hope Destroyed
B1 Portal Of Myriad
B2 Dark Age Of Ruin
B3 Upon Desolate Sands
B4 For Whom We Have Lost


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