Archspire: Bleed The Future, 1×LP (Vinyl)
Archspire: Bleed The Future, 1×LP (Vinyl)
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Bleed The Future

  • 1×LP (Vinyl)
    • LP
    • Limited Edition
  • 8 Tracks
  • Europäische Union
    • M- / M-
    • Neuware
    • new and unplayed but not sealed
4th pressing of 500 copies, gatefold sleeve
Season of Mist (SOM636LP)
UPC 822603163612


A1 Drone Corpse Aviator
A2 Golden Mouth Of Ruin
A3 Abandon The Linear
A4 Bleed The Future
B5 Drain Of Incarnation
B6 Acrid Canon
B7 Reverie On The Onyx
B8 A.U.M (Apeiron Universal Migration)


Artwork by
  • Eliran Kantor