The Accüsed: The Archive Tapes 1981-1986, 2×LP (Vinyl)
The Accüsed: The Archive Tapes 1981-1986, 2×LP (Vinyl)
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The Accüsed
The Archive Tapes 1981-1986

  • 2×LP (Vinyl)
    • Compilation
    • LP
  • 34 Tracks
  • Kanada
    • M / M
    • Neuware
    • sealed
gatefold sleeve
Unrest Records (UNREST LP006)
Unrest Records (REST12006)
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A1 Undesirables
A2 War = Death
A3 Father's Betrayal
A4 Take My Time
A5 Show No Mercy
A6 Tomorrow Belongs To Me
A7 Life's A Waste
A8 Symptom...
Written by
A9 Un-Named
B1 In A Death Bed
B2 Live Our Own Lives
B3 Martha's Revenge
B3 Bethany Home
B5 Scotty
B6 No Reason
B7 Distractions
B8 Running From The Police
C1 Life's A Waste
C2 No Accusations
C3 Beast In The Cellar
C4 Mechanized Death
C5 She's A Killer
C6 Sex Slave
C7 Reagan's War Puppets
C8 Martha Splatterhead
C9 Slow Death
D1 Wrong Side Of The Grave
D2 Our Way
Written by
D3 Kill, Hurt, Destroy
D4 The Right
D5 Child These Days
D6 Highway Star
Written by
D7 Like You
D8 Fuckin For Buck$


Backing vocals
  • Tommy Niemeyer
  • Alex Sibbald
  • Chibon 'Chewy' Batterman
  • Dana Collins
  • Tommy Niemeyer
  • Blaine Cook
  • Chibon 'Chewy' Batterman
  • John Dahlin