Ensiferum: One Man Army, 2×LP (Vinyl)
Ensiferum: One Man Army, 2×LP (Vinyl)
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One Man Army

  • 2×LP (Vinyl)
    • Album
    • LP
    • Limited Edition
    • Picture Disc
  • 18 Tracks
  • Deutschland
    • EX / EX
    • gebraucht
picture disc, with insert
Metal Blade Records (3984-41075-1)
UPC 039844107514


A1 March Of War
A2 Axe Of Judgement
A3 Heathen Horde
B1 One Man Army
B2 Burden Of The Fallen
B3 Warrior Without A War
C1 Cry For The Earth Bounds
C2 Two Of Spades
Heaten Throne Part III:
C3 My Ancestors' Blood
C4 Descendants, Defiance, Domination
C5 Neito Pohjolan
(Bonus Material):
D1 Rawhide
D2 Warmetal
D3 Candour And Lies
D4 Bonus Song