Status Quo: Aquostic - Live @ The Roundhouse, 2×LP (Vinyl)
Status Quo: Aquostic - Live @ The Roundhouse, 2×LP (Vinyl)
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Status Quo
Aquostic - Live @ The Roundhouse

  • 2×LP (Vinyl)
    • Album
    • Gatefold
    • LP
  • 25 Tracks
  • Europäische Union
    • M / M
    • gebraucht
    • sealed
gatefold sleeve
Ear Music (0210302EMU)
EAN 4029759103028


A1 And It's Better Now
A2 Break The Rules
A3 Again And Again
A4 Paper Plane
A5 Mystery Song
A6 Little Lady
B1 Rock 'N' Roll
B2 Caroline
B3 What You're Proposing
B4 Softer Ride
B5 Down Down
B6 Pictures Of Matchstick Men
C1 Down The Dustpipe
C2 All The Reason
C3 Reason For Living
C4 Rollin' Home
C5 Don't Drive My Car
C6 Claudie
D1 Rain
D2 Marguerita Time
D3 Na Na Na
D4 Whatever You Want
D5 Rockin' All Over The World
D6 Rock 'Til You Drop
D7 Burning Bridges (On And Off And On Again)


Lacquer cut by
  • KR
  • MK