Terror: Pain Into Power, 1×LP (Vinyl)
Terror: Pain Into Power, 1×LP (Vinyl)
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Pain Into Power

  • 1×LP (Vinyl)
    • Album
    • LP
    • Limited Edition
  • 10 Tracks
  • Europäische Union
    • M / M
    • Neuware
    • sealed
limited edition of 500 copies on white vinyl, comes with additional printed PVC sleeve
End Hits Records (EH 080)
EAN 4059251479406


A1 Pain Into Power
A2 Unashamed
A3 Boundless Contempt
A4 Outside The Lies
A5 One Thousand Lies
B6 Can't Let It Go
B7 Can't Help But Hate
B8 The Hardest Truth
B9 On The Verge Of Violence
B10 Prepare For The Worst