Millencolin: The Melancholy Collection, 1×LP (Vinyl)
Millencolin: The Melancholy Collection, 1×LP (Vinyl)
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The Melancholy Collection

  • 1×LP (Vinyl)
    • Compilation
    • LP
    • Limited Edition
    • Reissue
  • 22 Tracks
  • Europäische Union
    • M / M
    • Neuware
    • sealed
reissue on blue vinyl
Burning Heart Records (BHR 087)
EAN 8714090008717


A1 In A Room
A2 Pain
A3 Shake Me
A4 Melack
A5 Nosepicker
A6 Use Your Nose
A7 Flippin' Beans
A8 Yellow Dog
A9 Knowledge
A10 A Whole Lot Less
B1 Coolidge
B2 That's Up To Me
B3 A Bit Of Muslin
B4 Melancholy Protection
B5 Shake Me (Live)
B6 Niap
B7 Every Breath You Take
B8 9 To 5
B9 Dragster
B10 An Elf And His Zippo
B11 Israelites
B12 Vixen


  • Dan Swanö