The Dickies: Idjit Savant, 1×LP (Vinyl)
The Dickies: Idjit Savant, 1×LP (Vinyl)
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The Dickies
Idjit Savant

  • 1×LP (Vinyl)
    • Album
    • LP
    • Reissue
  • 14 Tracks
  • United States
    • M / M
    • Neuware
    • sealed
remastered reissue, originally released in 1994
Dr. Strange Records (DSR143)
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A1 Welcome To The Diamond Mine
A2 Golden Boys
A3 Toxic Avenger
A4 Zeppelina
A5 I'm Stuck In A Condo (With Marlon Brando)
A6 Just Say Yes
B1 Elevator (In The Brain Hotel)
B2 Pretty Ballerina
B3 Make It So
B4 I'm On Crack
B5 Oh Boy!
B6 Roadkill
B7 House Of Raoul
B8 Song Of The Dawn