Brunt: Brunt, 1×LP (Vinyl), 1×10" Vinyl EP
Brunt: Brunt, 1×LP (Vinyl), 1×10" Vinyl EP
Brunt: Brunt, 1×LP (Vinyl), 1×10" Vinyl EP
Brunt: Brunt, 1×LP (Vinyl), 1×10" Vinyl EP
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  • 1×LP (Vinyl), 1×10" Vinyl EP
    • 10"
    • 33 ⅓ RPM
    • Album
    • LP
    • Limited Edition
    • Single Sided
  • 6 Tracks
    • EX / EX
    • gebraucht
    • minor surface marks on vinyl, kink on art print
  • Großbritannien
    • HeviSike Records
    • (HVSK-1201)
  • Kein Barcode
  • abweichendes Gewicht: 580g
limited edition of 30 copies only available privately to friends and family, includes black / white marbled vinyl, fold out artwork poster (A2 size), 3 post cards each featuring individual band member portraits by Natalie Foss, 1 'Hideous Tricorn' double sided art post card, full colour printed inner sleeve featuring band portrait by Natalie Foss, plus HeviSike 'Hands of Dharma' artwork by David Paul Seymour, bonus fold-out poster of the Natalie Foss portrait (A3 size), bonus Deluxe 12" art print, silk screened Brunt patch (silver on black), silk screened HeviSike patch (gold on black), brunt guitar pick, 2 Brunt Stickers (one exclusive to this release), 2 HeviSike stickers (one exclusive to this release), limited edition 10" single featuring the track Blackbeard, DIY silk screened canvas outer sleeve



St Felix Of Nola


The Tale Of The Hideous Tricorn


Rabbit Of Cannabong


A Concise Cosmic History Of The Swob Monster Pt 1 (The Birth Of Fuzz)


Raw Goat