Parliament: Dope Dogs, 1×Tape
Parliament: Dope Dogs, 1×Tape
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P-Funk All Stars
Dope Dogs

  • 1×Tape
    • Album
  • 14 Tracks
  • USA
    • M / M
    • Neuware
    • sealed
Hot Hands (HOTH MC 1)
Hot Hands (HOTHMC1)
EAN 5018524087440


A1 Dog Star (Fly On)
A2 U.S. Customs Coast Guard Dope Dog
A3 Some Next Shit
A4 Just Say Ding (Data Boy)
A5 Help, Scottie, Help (I'm Tweaking And I Can't Beam Up)
A6 Pepe (The Pill Popper)
B1 Back Against The Wall
B2 FiFi
B3 All Sons Of Bitches
B4 Sick' Em (Instrumental)
B5 I Ain't The Lady (He Ain't The Tramp)
B6 Pack Of Wild Dogs
B7 Tales That Wag The Dog
B8 My Dog